Top 10 Nail Art Spas In Kolkata

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Looking for the top 10 nail art spas in Kolkata? Here is a curated list of the best spas in the city that offer exceptional nail art services.

These nail spas provide unique and trendy designs, as well as various services such as gel manicures, artificial nails, and manicures. Additionally, they offer a range of prices to suit various budgets. Discover the best nail art spas in Kolkata to get pampered and have stunning nails.

Top 10 Nail Art Spas In Kolkata


Top Nail Art Spas In Kolkata

Are you looking to pamper your nails and get the most stunning nail art in Kolkata? Look no further! We have curated a list of the top 10 nail art spas in the city that will leave you amazed. From intricate designs to trendy patterns, these spas offer a wide range of nail art services to suit every style and occasion. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top nail art spas in Kolkata.

Amzadd Habibb (sodepur)

If you’re in the Sodepur area, make sure to visit Amzadd Habibb. With their skilled technicians and attention to detail, they create mesmerizing nail art designs that will make your nails stand out. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant or delicate and elegant designs, they have got you covered.

Maroon International

Maroon International is another top nail art destination in Kolkata. Their expert technicians use the latest techniques and highest quality products to create unique and beautiful nail art designs. From floral patterns to geometric shapes, you will find a wide variety of options to choose from at Maroon International.


At Kalakriti, nail art is taken to a whole new level. Their talented artists are well-versed in creating intricate designs that will leave you in awe. From 3D nail art to hand-painted masterpieces, they offer a wide range of options to match your style and personality.

Nail N I Lash Lounge

For a luxurious nail art experience, head over to Nail N I Lash Lounge. With their plush interiors and professional technicians, they offer a premium service that is second to none. From classic French manicures to trendy nail art designs, they have something for everyone.

Tashu Studio

Tashu Studio is a go-to destination for all your nail art needs. They offer a wide range of services, including gel manicures, acrylic extensions, and of course, stunning nail art designs. Their skilled technicians ensure that your nails not only look beautiful but also stay healthy.

These are just a few of the top nail art spas in Kolkata that are guaranteed to give you stunning nails. Whether you’re attending a special event or just want to treat yourself, these spas will exceed your expectations. So, book an appointment today and get ready to flaunt your gorgeous nails!

Top 10 Nail Art Spas In Kolkata


Unique Services And Features

If you’re a nail art enthusiast in Kolkata, you’re in luck! The city is home to some of the most unique and innovative nail art spas that offer a wide range of services and features. From trendy haircuts to flawless services, these spas go above and beyond to provide their customers with an unforgettable nail art experience.

Nail Moulds

One of the standout features of these top nail art spas in Kolkata is their use of nail moulds. Nail moulds are a creative and unique way to add dimension and texture to your nails. These spas offer a variety of nail mould designs, from floral patterns to geometric shapes, allowing you to create a personalized and eye-catching nail art look. The talented nail technicians at these spas are experts in using nail moulds to create stunning and intricate designs that are sure to turn heads.

Trendy Haircuts

In addition to their exceptional nail art services, these spas also offer trendy haircuts. Whether you’re looking for a bold new haircut or a simple trim, you can trust the skilled hairstylists at these spas to give you a stylish and on-trend look. From classic bob cuts to trendy pixie styles, these spas stay up-to-date with the latest hair trends and techniques. So, why not treat yourself to a complete makeover and leave the spa feeling fabulous from head to toe?

Flawless Services

When it comes to nail art, these top spas in Kolkata pride themselves on providing flawless services. Their highly trained nail technicians use only the best products and tools to ensure that your nails are in perfect condition. Each step of the nail art process is carried out with precision and attention to detail, from the initial nail preparation to the final coat of polish. With their expertise and dedication to quality, you can trust that your nails will look flawless and stunning after each visit.

So, whether you’re in need of a trendy haircut or want to try out unique nail mould designs, these top nail art spas in Kolkata have got you covered. Their unique services and features set them apart from the rest, guaranteeing an unforgettable and satisfying experience for all nail art enthusiasts.

Top 10 Nail Art Spas In Kolkata


Frequently Asked Questions On Top 10 Nail Art Spas In Kolkata

How Much Does Nail Art Cost In Kolkata?

The cost of nail art in Kolkata may vary. Contact local nail salons for accurate pricing.

What Is The Cost Of Pedicure In Kolkata?

The cost of pedicure in Kolkata varies depending on the salon and the type of pedicure. Prices can range from INR 300 to INR 1000. You can find affordable pedicure services in Kolkata at various nail salons throughout the city.

Which Nail Art Is Long Lasting?

Choose gel manicures for long-lasting nail art.

What Is The Most Popular Nail Services?

The most popular nail services are Basic Manicure, Hard Gel Manicure, Shellac (Soft Gel), Acrylic Extensions, Gel Extensions, Dip Powder (SNS), Sculpted, and Polygel.


Kolkata offers a wide range of top-notch nail art spas for those seeking a beautiful and unique manicure experience. From traditional manicures to gel extensions and nail art designs, these spas cater to every individual’s preferences. With skilled technicians and trendy designs, these nail art spas in Kolkata are the perfect destinations for nail enthusiasts.

Visit one of these spas and pamper yourself with a stunning nail makeover that will leave you feeling confident and stylish.

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