10 Gorgeous Back Hand Mehndi Designs For Girls – 2024

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Here are 10 gorgeous back hand mehndi designs for girls in 2024: 1. Floral Mehndi design 2.

Shaded Mehndi design 3. Arabic Mehndi design 4. Indo-Arabic Mehndi design 5. Dulhan Mehndi design 6. Bangle type Mehndi design 7. Geometric Mehndi design 8. Peacock Mehndi design 9. Mandala Mehndi design 10. Paisley Mehndi design. These stunning designs are perfect for any occasion and can be easily tried by girls who love henna art.

Mehndi, also known as henna, is a traditional form of body art that is popular in many cultures. It involves the application of a paste derived from the henna plant onto the skin, creating intricate and beautiful patterns. One of the most common areas to apply mehndi is on the back of the hand, known as the back hand mehndi design. We will explore 10 gorgeous back hand mehndi designs for girls in 2024. These designs range from floral and shaded designs to Arabic and Indo-Arabic styles. Whether you are a fan of simple or intricate patterns, there is something for everyone. Let’s dive in and discover the beauty of back hand mehndi designs!

Types Of Mehndi Designs

Mehndi, also known as henna, is a traditional form of body art that has been practiced for centuries. It is popular among girls and women for its intricate and beautiful designs. There are various types of mehndi designs, each with its own unique style and charm. In this article, we will explore some of the gorgeous back hand mehndi designs that are trending in 2024.

Floral Mehndi

Floral mehndi designs are perfect for those who love nature and want to add a touch of elegance and femininity to their hands. These designs feature intricate floral patterns, with petals, leaves, and vines forming beautiful motifs. Floral mehndi designs are versatile and can be customized to match any outfit or occasion. Whether you prefer a simple and minimalistic design or a more intricate and detailed one, floral mehndi is a timeless choice.

Shaded Designs

Shaded designs are all about creating depth and dimension using different shades of henna. These designs involve using light and dark shades to create a gradient effect, giving the design a 3D-like appearance. Shaded designs add a modern and contemporary twist to traditional mehndi, making them a popular choice among girls who want to stand out. The play of light and shadow in shaded designs creates a mesmerizing effect that is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Arabic Design

Arabic mehndi designs are known for their bold and striking patterns. These designs typically feature large, bold outlines and intricate fillings, creating a contrast that is visually appealing. Arabic designs often include elements like flowers, leaves, peacocks, and geometric shapes. They are characterized by their simplicity and elegance, making them a popular choice for various occasions.

Indo Arabic Design

Indo Arabic mehndi designs are a fusion of Indian and Arabic styles. These designs combine the complexity and intricacy of Indian mehndi with the boldness and elegance of Arabic mehndi. Indo Arabic designs often feature a mix of floral patterns, paisleys, and intricate detailing. The combination of both styles creates a unique and captivating design that is perfect for weddings and festive occasions.

Dulhan Mehndi

Dulhan mehndi, also known as bridal mehndi, is an essential part of Indian weddings. It is an elaborate and intricate design that covers the hands and arms of the bride. Dulhan mehndi designs often include traditional motifs like peacocks, flowers, paisleys, and intricate patterns. Bridal mehndi is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the newlywed couple. The beauty and significance of dulhan mehndi make it a must-have for every Indian bride.

Bangle Type Designs

Bangle type designs are inspired by the traditional bangles worn by women in South Asia. These designs feature intricate and delicate patterns that resemble the design of bangles. Bangle type mehndi designs are perfect for those who want a minimalistic yet eye-catching design. They can be worn on both casual and formal occasions, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

10 Gorgeous Back Hand Mehndi Designs For Girls – 2024

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Popular Locations For Mehndi

Discover the top 10 stunning back hand mehndi designs for girls in 2024. These gorgeous designs offer a variety of styles, from floral patterns to shaded and Arabic designs.


Rajasthan is one of the most popular locations for mehndi, known for its intricate designs that have captivated women for centuries. The state is a hub of traditional art and culture, and the mehndi designs found here reflect that rich heritage.

When it comes to Rajasthan mehndi designs, the intricate patterns and detailed motifs are the main highlights. These designs often feature peacocks, lotus flowers, paisleys, and geometric patterns, creating a mesmerizing visual appeal.

What makes Rajasthan mehndi designs unique is the skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. The artists in this region have mastered the art of creating expressive and elaborate designs that beautifully adorn the hands and feet of brides and women attending special occasions.

The popularity of Rajasthan mehndi designs goes beyond the state’s borders. People from all over India and even from other countries seek out these designs for their weddings and festivals. The allure of Rajasthan mehndi lies in its traditional charm and timeless beauty.

If you’re a fan of intricate and elaborate mehndi designs, Rajasthan should be at the top of your list. The state’s rich artistic heritage and skilled mehndi artists will ensure that you get a design that is not only visually stunning but also holds significant cultural value.

Mehndi Artist Prices

If you’re planning to get a gorgeous back hand mehndi design in 2024, it’s essential to consider the prices charged by mehndi artists. The cost of hiring a mehndi artist can vary based on several factors, including their experience, skill level, and location. In this section, we will explore the Mehndi Artist Prices in India.

Mehndi Artist Prices In India

When it comes to mehndi artist prices in India, you can find a wide range depending on the artist’s reputation and expertise. Here is a breakdown of the average charges, rates, and cost guide:

Service Price Range (INR)
Bridal Mehndi 5,000 – 15,000
Guest Mehndi 2,000 – 6,000
Simple Designs 500 – 2,000
Elaborate Designs 1,500 – 5,000

Please note that these prices are approximate and can vary depending on the complexity and intricacy of the design, the duration of the service, and the location. It is always recommended to discuss the prices with the mehndi artist beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings.

For those looking to hire a mehndi artist in India, keep in mind that prices can differ based on the city and region. Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore may have higher rates compared to smaller towns and cities. Additionally, renowned mehndi artists with years of experience may charge premium prices for their services.

Before finalizing a mehndi artist, it is advisable to check their portfolio and reviews to ensure their work aligns with your preferences. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family who have previously hired mehndi artists for their events.

In conclusion, when it comes to mehndi artist prices in India, it is crucial to consider factors such as the intricacy of the design, the artist’s experience, and the location. By doing thorough research and considering your budget, you can find a skilled mehndi artist who can create stunning back hand designs for you.

10 Gorgeous Back Hand Mehndi Designs For Girls – 2024

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Places To Practice Mehndi

Discover the most enchanting back hand mehndi designs for girls in 2024. From intricate floral patterns to stunning shaded designs, these mehndi designs are perfect for any occasion. Practice your skills on your hands, wrists, feet, and ankles to perfect your mehndi artistry.

Explore various mehndi designs on Pinterest, YouTube, and websites like Zoylee and Libase Jamila for inspiration.

When it comes to practicing mehndi designs, there are several areas of the body that provide the perfect canvas for your artistic skills. From hands and wrists to feet and ankles, and even other areas of the body, the options are endless. Let’s explore these different areas and discover where you can unleash your creativity and create stunning henna designs.

Hands And Wrists

The hands and wrists are the most popular places to practice mehndi. Not only are these areas highly visible, but they also provide a great surface for intricate designs. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the hands and wrists offer ample space to showcase your creativity. From delicate floral patterns to bold geometric designs, you can experiment with various styles and techniques to create stunning mehndi art.

Feet And Ankles

Feet and ankles are another excellent area to practice mehndi. These areas offer a larger surface area, allowing you to explore more detailed and elaborate designs. Mehndi on feet and ankles is a popular choice, especially for special occasions like weddings and festivals. You can adorn your feet with beautiful motifs, such as flowers, peacocks, and paisleys, creating a mesmerizing effect. So, don’t forget to give your feet some love and practice your mehndi skills on them.

Other Areas Of The Body

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore beyond the traditional areas, you can try practicing mehndi on other parts of your body. While it may not be as common, painting mehndi on areas like the neck and chest can create a unique and stunning look. These areas can be the perfect canvas for bold and intricate designs that showcase your artistic flair. However, it’s important to keep in mind that certain areas of the body may stain differently, so it’s always a good idea to do a patch test before practicing on these areas.

To summarize, whether you’re focusing on hands and wrists, feet and ankles, or other areas of the body, practicing mehndi designs is a great way to enhance your artistic skills. So, grab your henna cone, let your creativity flow, and create beautiful henna designs that will leave everyone amazed.

Inspiring Mehndi Designs For Girls In 2024

Inspiring Mehndi Designs for Girls in 2024

Looking for gorgeous back hand mehndi designs for girls in 2024? Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration! From intricate patterns to delicate motifs, you’ll find a wide variety of stunning mehndi designs on Pinterest. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a festive celebration, these designs will add a touch of elegance to your hands. So, grab your henna cone and get ready to be amazed by these beautiful mehndi designs!

Want to learn how to create these beautiful back hand mehndi designs? YouTube tutorials are here to help! There are several talented mehndi artists who share their techniques and tips on YouTube. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these tutorials will guide you through the process step by step. From basic to intricate designs, you’ll find a tutorial for every level of expertise. So, get your henna cone and start practicing these stunning mehndi designs!

Looking for trendy and unique mehndi designs? Zoylee has got you covered! They offer a wide range of mehndi designs that are perfect for girls in 2024. These designs are not only beautiful, but they also take inspiration from the latest fashion trends. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs, Zoylee has something for everyone. So, why wait? Check out their website for the most attractive mehndi designs of the year!

If you’re a fan of intricate and detailed mehndi designs, then you’ll love Libase Jamila Mehndi Designs. Their collection features stunning designs that are sure to make a statement. From floral patterns to intricate motifs, these designs are perfect for girls who want to stand out. Libase Jamila’s mehndi designs are truly a work of art, and they will make your hands look absolutely beautiful!

10 Gorgeous Back Hand Mehndi Designs For Girls – 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions Of 10 Gorgeous Back Hand Mehndi Designs For Girls – 2024

Which Type Of Mehndi Design Is Best?

The best type of mehndi design is floral mehndi, shaded designs, Arabic design, Indo Arabic design, Dulhan mehndi, and bangle type designs.

Where Is Mehndi Most Popular?

Mehndi is most popular in Rajasthan, known for its intricate designs and commonly used for bridal ceremonies.

What Is The Price Per Hand For Mehndi Design?

The price per hand for mehndi design varies. For specific information on rates, charges, and pricing, you can refer to the website “Mehndi Artist Prices In India | Charges, Rates, Price List & Cost Guide. “

Where Can I Practice Mehndi Design?

You can practice mehndi design on your hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. Other areas like the neck and chest can also be used. There are various online platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, Zoylee, and Libase Jamila that provide beautiful mehndi designs for practice.


Try these gorgeous back hand mehndi designs and make a style statement in 2024. From intricate floral patterns to stunning shaded designs, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or attending a special event, these mehndi designs will add a touch of elegance to your look.

Practice your skills on hands, wrists, and even feet to perfect your artistic flair. Don’t miss out on these beautiful mehndi designs for girls!

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