20 Best Makeup Looks Of The ‘60S

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The ’60s was a revolutionary era for makeup looks. From Twiggy’s iconic lashes to Jane Birkin’s flawless face, here are the 20 best makeup looks of the ’60s that will enhance your beauty and leave you feeling glamorous.

The Iconic Makeup Trends Of The ’60s

Experience the iconic makeup trends of the ’60s with our selection of the 20 best makeup looks. From Twiggy’s bold lashes to Jane Birkin’s soft blush, explore the mesmerizing beauty of this era. Get inspired to enhance your beauty with expert makeup tips.

The ’60s was a revolutionary era for fashion and beauty, and the iconic makeup trends still inspire us today. From Twiggy’s signature look to glittering lash lines, these makeup looks defined the decade and continue to be celebrated for their boldness and creativity.

Twiggy’s Signature Look

Twiggy’s signature is one of the most recognizable makeup looks of the ’60s. Twiggy, the iconic British model, popularized the doe-eyed look with her long, thick lashes and defined lower lash line. To achieve this look, apply several coats of mascara to your upper lashes, and then use a thin eyeliner pencil to create short, feathery strokes along your lower lash line.

Glittering Lash Line

The ’60s introduced the glittering lash line trend for a glamorous and eye-catching makeup look. This trend involved applying tiny flecks of glitter along the upper lash line, creating a sparkling effect that drew attention to the eyes. Use a glitter adhesive or eyelash glue to apply fine, shimmery glitter along your upper lash line using a small brush or cotton swab to achieve this look.

Pale Blue Cat Eye

The pale blue cat eye was a popular makeup trend in the ’60s, adding color and drama to any look. To achieve this look, apply a pale blue eyeshadow across the entire lid and blend it upwards towards the brow bone. Then, using a liquid or gel eyeliner with a thin brush, create a winged cat-eye shape along the upper lash line for a bold and retro look.

Soft Blush

Soft and natural-looking blush was another go-to makeup trend of the ’60s. Choose a blush shade that complements your skin tone to achieve this look, such as a rosy pink or peachy hue. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks using a fluffy brush, blending it towards your temples for a natural, flushed appearance.

Fake It ’til You Make It

While many ’60s makeup trends focused on enhancing natural features, the era also embraced the concept of “faking it ’til you make it.” This trend involved using false eyelashes to create a dramatic and bold look. To achieve this look, choose a pair of full and fluttery false eyelashes, trim them to fit your eye shape, and apply them using lash adhesive for a glamorous and voluminous effect.

20 Best Makeup Looks Of The ‘60S

Influential Makeup Looks Of ’60s Celebrities

When it comes to iconic makeup looks, the ’60s were a golden era. Celebrities of that time mesmerized the world with their talent and set new trends in the beauty industry. Let’s take a closer look at the three influential makeup looks of ’60s celebrities: Jane Birkin, Estelle Bennett, and Donyale Luna.

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin, an English actress and singer, was known for her effortless beauty and natural makeup looks. She embraced the minimalist approach with a focus on enhancing her features. Here are some critical elements of Jane Birkin’s signature makeup look:

  • Soft, natural-looking skin with a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer
  • Subtle blush to add a touch of color to the cheeks
  • Defined eyebrows that framed her face elegantly
  • Nude or pale pink lipstick for a natural and understated lip color

Estelle Bennett

Estelle Bennett, a member of the iconic girl group The Ronettes, was known for her glamorous and bold makeup looks. She embraced the spirit of the ’60s and experimented with vibrant colors. Here are some critical elements of Estelle Bennett’s signature makeup look:

  • Dramatic winged eyeliner to accentuate her eyes
  • Long, thick false eyelashes for a voluminous lash look
  • Bright, bold eyeshadow shades like gold, blue, and green
  • Contoured cheekbones with a touch of bronzer
  • Bright red or pink lipstick is a bold and glamorous lip color

Donyale Luna

Donyale Luna, an American model and actress, made history as the first African American model to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine. She pushed boundaries with her avant-garde makeup looks. Here are some critical elements of Donyale Luna’s signature makeup look:

  • Graphic and bold eyeliner designs, like exaggerated cat eyes
  • Unique eyeshadow colors, such as metallic silver or bright purple,
  • Defined eyebrows with an angular shape
  • Dramatic false eyelashes for a striking gaze
  • Dark or bold lipstick shades, like deep plum or vibrant red

These influential makeup looks of ’60s celebrities continue to inspire and influence today’s beauty industry. Whether you prefer a natural and minimalist approach or a bold and glamorous look, the ’60s have something to offer every makeup enthusiast.

Exploring Popular Makeup Brands Of The ’60s

The 1960s was a vibrant decade for makeup, with iconic looks and pioneering brands that shaped the beauty industry. In this article, we will delve into the popular makeup brands of the ’60s, including M·A·C, Estée Lauder, and Bobbi Brown.


M·A·C Cosmetics, founded in 1984, may not have started in the ’60s, but its influence on the makeup industry can be traced back to this iconic era. M·A·C became known for its innovative products and inclusive approach to beauty. Inspired by the bold and colorful makeup looks of the ’60s, M·A·C created various products that allowed individuals to express their individuality and creativity.

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder, a leading skincare and makeup brand, was well-established in the ’60s. Known for its high-quality products, Estée Lauder offered various makeup options that catered to different needs. From foundation to lipstick, Estée Lauder ensured that women could achieve flawless looks inspired by the glamorous icons of the decade. With its timeless elegance and commitment to innovation, Estée Lauder continued to be a go-to brand for beauty enthusiasts throughout the ’60s.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown, a makeup artist turned entrepreneur, founded her eponymous brand in the ’90s. However, Brown’s approach to natural beauty and enhancing one’s features took inspiration from the ’60s. Bobbi Brown’s philosophy of empowering women to embrace their unique beauty echoes the spirit of the ’60s, with its focus on self-expression and individuality. With a range of products specifically designed to enhance natural beauty, Bobbi Brown has become a popular choice for those seeking a more understated yet polished look.

20 Best Makeup Looks Of The ‘60S

Must-have Makeup Products Of The ’60s

When it comes to iconic makeup looks, the ’60s never fail to deliver. From Twiggy’s doe-eyed look to Jane Birkin’s natural allure, this era was about experimenting with bold and daring makeup choices. To recreate these timeless looks, you must know the must-have makeup products of the ’60s. Let’s dive into the essentials that will help you achieve that perfect retro glam.


Eyeshadow played a crucial role in creating the mesmerizing eye looks of the ’60s. From shimmery shades to vibrant hues, the options were endless. Some popular eyeshadow brands of the time included M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, and Estée Lauder. Whether you prefer a classic neutral palette or want to go all out with bold blues and greens, these brands offer a wide range of options to help you achieve that ’60s eye-catching look.


A flawless complexion was the key to achieving a polished ’60s makeup look. Brands like Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and Walmart offer a selection of foundations suitable for recreating this era’s aesthetic. From lightweight formulas to full coverage options, you can find the perfect foundation to even out your skin tone and create a flawless canvas for the rest of your makeup.


A bold lip was a staple of ’60s makeup looks. Whether you prefer classic reds or vibrant pinks, lipsticks from brands like M·A·C, Sephora, and Bobbi Brown can help you achieve those iconic pouts. Opt for matte finishes or go for a glossy look, depending on the style you’re aiming for. Don’t be afraid to experiment and channel your inner 60s bombshell with a statement lip color.


Eyeliner was a game-changer in creating dramatic eye looks in the ’60s. Whether you’re aiming for the Twiggy-inspired doll-like eyes or prefer a classic cat-eye, brands like M·A·C, Bobbi Brown, and Estée Lauder offer a range of eyeliners to help you achieve these iconic looks. From gel pencils to liquid liners, you can find the perfect form and shade to enhance your eyes and complete your retro transformation.


The ’60s were all about that natural and youthful glow, and blush played a vital role in achieving it. Brands like Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and Estée Lauder offer blush options that can help you recreate the soft and rosy cheeks of the era. Whether you prefer a subtle flush or a bolder pop of color, these brands have covered you. Be sure to choose shades that complement your skin tone and bring out your inner ’60s goddess.

Where To Find Vintage ’60s Makeup And Inspiration

If you’re a fan of the retro glamour of ’60s makeup looks, you’re in luck! There are several online platforms and websites where you can find all the inspiration you need to recreate the iconic beauty trends of the era. From step-by-step tutorials to mesmerizing images, these platforms will transport you back in time and help you achieve that vintage ’60s look you’ve always dreamed of.

Online Platforms Like Pinterest

If you’re looking for a treasure trove of vintage makeup inspiration, Pinterest is the place to be. This popular visual discovery platform has thousands of boards dedicated to vintage ’60s makeup looks. You’ll find it all on Pinterest, from smokey eyes and bold eyeliner to pale lip gloss and rosy cheeks. Search for ‘vintage ’60s makeup’ or ‘retro beauty looks’ and get ready to be inspired by stunning images and helpful tutorials.

History Of Makeup On Glamourdaze.com

To truly understand the evolution of ’60s makeup, head over to Glamourdaze.com. This website is a treasure trove of information on the history of makeup and beauty trends. From articles and essays to vintage advertisements and beauty tips, Glamourdaze.com covers it all. Learn about the iconic makeup looks of the ’60s, the products used, and the cultural influences behind each trend. This website is a must-visit for anyone interested in the rich history of makeup.

Explore Makeup Adverts On Gallery: Glamour Daze

For an immersive visual experience, explore the makeup ad gallery on Glamour Daze. This online resource showcases a stunning collection of vintage makeup advertisements from the ’60s and other eras. Immerse yourself in the retro aesthetics; get inspired by the models, the colors, and the overall vibe of the era. The Makeup Ads gallery is a visual feast that will transport you back and inspire your own ’60s makeup looks.

20 Best Makeup Looks Of The ‘60S

Frequently Asked Questions About the 20 Best Makeup Looks Of The ’60s

What was popular makeup in the 1960s?

The popular makeup in the 1960s included Twiggy’s iconic lashes, sparkling lash lines, pale blue cat eyes, and soft blush. Hippies also wore fake eyelashes as part of their makeup.

How To Do 60s Style Makeup?

To achieve a 60s-style makeup look, enhance your beauty with expert tips. Create stunning eye and lip looks with glamorous touches. Explore tutorials online and try out techniques used by iconic figures like Twiggy and Jane Birkin for that retro charm.

Enhance your lashes and wear a bold cat-eye or pale blue eyeshadow to complete the look.

Did they wear blush in the 1960s?

Yes, blush was worn in the 1960s. It was commonly used to color the cheeks and achieve a youthful, healthy appearance.

Did Hippies Wear Fake Eyelashes?

Hippies did wear fake eyelashes to enhance their beauty and create unique eye looks.


Enhance your beauty and channel the iconic looks of the ’60s with these 20 best makeup looks. From Twiggy-inspired spider lashes to bold cat eyes and punctuating gems, these looks will have you feeling glamorous and ready to make a statement.

Whether you’re a fan of the hippie movement or prefer a more polished look, there’s something for everyone on this list. Experiment with different eyeshadows, lipsticks, and foundations to recreate these timeless looks. Step back in time and embrace the beauty trends of the ’60s with confidence and style.

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