How To Figure Out If Short Hair Will Suit You

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To determine if short hair suits you, hold a pencil below your chin parallel to the ground and place a ruler perpendicularly under your ear. Short hair is likely to look good on you if the measurement from the pencil to the ruler is less than 2.25 inches.

Short hair suits all face shapes, but it’s important to consider your features when choosing a shortcut. Avoid styles that make round faces appear rounder, and opt for haircuts that complement your facial structure. Consult with a hairstylist for expert advice and to determine if a specific short hairstyle will suit you based on your hair type and texture.

How To Figure Out If Short Hair Will Suit You

Factors To Consider For Short Hair

Deciding to go for a short hair look can be exciting and refreshing, but before taking the plunge, it’s essential to consider a few factors that will determine if short hair will suit you. These factors include your face shape, hair texture, and personal style. By carefully assessing these aspects, you can make an informed decision and ensure that your short hair enhances your unique features and reflects your style.

Face Shape

When contemplating a short hairstyle, one crucial factor is your face shape. Different face shapes pair better with specific short haircuts, which can highlight your best features and create a balanced look. Here are a few common face shapes and the short hairstyles that tend to complement them:

  • Round Face: Short hairstyles with volume at the crown or sides can add length to a round face, creating the illusion of a more elongated shape.
  • Square Face: Soft, layered short haircuts can soften the angles of a square face, while side-swept bangs can help create a more balanced look.
  • Oblong Face: Short hairstyles with texture and volume on the sides can add width to an oblong face, creating a more balanced appearance.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Pixie cuts or chin-length bobs can complement a heart-shaped face by emphasizing the cheekbones and jawline.
  • Diamond-Shaped Face: Short hairstyles with volume on the crown and tapered sides can accentuate the cheekbones and soften the angular features of a diamond-shaped face.

Hair Texture

Besides face shape, your hair texture also plays a significant role in determining if short hair will suit you. Different short hairstyles work better with certain hair textures, so it’s essential to consider your hair’s natural texture before deciding. Here’s a guide to short haircuts based on hair texture:

Hair Texture Recommended Short Haircuts
Straight Hair Pixie cuts, blunt bobs, and asymmetrical cuts
Wavy Hair Layered bobs, beachy waves, and tousled pixie cuts
Curly Hair Tapered cuts, curly bobs, and shaggy pixie cuts
Coily Hair Tightly cropped cuts, afros, and textured pixie cuts

Personal Style

Your style is an essential factor to consider when deciding if short hair will suit you. Choosing a short hairstyle that aligns with your overall style and personality is vital. Whether you prefer a classic, edgy, or minimalist look, plenty of short haircuts can enhance your style. Consider factors like your fashion choices, lifestyle, and the statement you want your hair to make when selecting a short hairstyle.

By considering these three key factors—face shape, hair texture, and personal style—you can confidently decide if short hair will suit you. Remember, experimenting with different hairstyles is a fantastic way to express yourself and embrace change. Don’t be afraid to try something new and embrace a short hair look that suits your unique features and reflects your style!

How To Figure Out If Short Hair Will Suit You

Determining Suitability Without Cutting

Deciding to chop off your locks and embrace a short hairstyle can be daunting. Will it suit your face shape? Will it flatter your features? These questions often leave you unsure and hesitant to take the plunge.

Virtual Hairstyle Apps

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, virtual hairstyle apps can help you visualize how you would look with a short haircut before actually committing to it. Apps like YouCam Makeup allow you to virtually try out various short hairstyles on your face, including pixie cuts, bob cuts, and long bobs. This eliminates the need for trial and error and gives you a sneak peek into the future.

Simple Tricks

If you’re not keen on using virtual hairstyle apps, there are simple tricks you can try to get an idea of whether short hair will suit you. One such scheme is to place a pencil below your chin, holding it parallel to the ground. Then, take a ruler and measure the distance between the bottom of your chin and the pencil. Short hair is likely to suit you well if the measurement is less than 2.25 inches. On the other hand, if the size is greater than 2.25 inches, longer hairstyles may be more flattering for you.

Another simple trick is to consider your face shape. While short hair suits all face conditions, each body has specific things to consider when going fast. For example, round faces can appear rounder with the wrong shortcut but look amazing with the right style. Understanding the characteristics of your face shape and consulting with a hairstylist can help you determine the most suitable short haircut.

Remember, before making any drastic changes to your hair, it’s important to research and consider your personal style, lifestyle, and maintenance preferences. While determining suitability without cutting may not give you an exact answer, it can provide some insight and help you make a more informed decision.

Professional Advice And Guidance

Are you curious if short hair will suit you? Discover professional advice and guidance on determining if short hair is the right choice for your face shape without cutting your hair.

Consulting A Hairstylist

When considering a major change, like cutting your hair short, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional hairstylist. Hairstylists are experts in understanding different hair textures, face shapes, and personal style preferences. They have the knowledge and experience to offer valuable advice that can help determine if short hair will suit you.

Seeking Expert Opinions

In addition to consulting a hairstylist, seeking expert opinions can provide further insight into whether short hair will suit you. Experts in the field, such as hairdressers, fashion stylists, and beauty bloggers, often offer valuable guidance on haircuts and styles that complement different face shapes and features.

There are several ways to seek expert opinions:

  • Follow beauty influencers and hairstylists on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. They often share tips, tutorials, and recommendations for different haircuts based on face shapes.
  • Read articles and blogs that focus on face shapes and suitable haircuts. Many professional resources provide detailed information on determining your face shape and the hairstyles that work best for each condition.
  • Visit online forums and communities dedicated to hair and beauty discussions. These platforms allow you to ask questions and seek opinions from professionals and individuals who have undergone similar hair transformations.

Consulting a hairstylist and seeking expert opinions can gather valuable advice and guidance to determine if short hair suits you. Everyone’s face shape and features are unique, so it’s essential to consider professional opinions specific to your characteristics.


How To Figure Out If Short Hair Will Suit You

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Figure Out If Short Hair Will Suit You

How Do You Tell If Short Hair Will Look Good On You?

To determine if short hair will suit you, hold a pencil parallel to your chin and place a ruler under your ear. If the ruler and pencil intersect, short hair will likely serve you. You can also use hairstyle apps like YouCam Makeup to try virtual short hairstyles.

Is there a way to see how I look with short hair?

Yes, there is a way to see how you look with short hair. You can use YouCam Makeup, a virtual hairstyle app, to try out different short hairstyles and see if they suit your face shape. It’s a great way to test pixie cuts, bob cuts, and other short hairstyles before deciding.

What Is The 2.5 Inch Rule For Short Hair?

The 2.5-inch rule for short hair is a guideline to determine if a short hairstyle will suit you. To follow this rule, place a pencil below your chin and hold it parallel to the ground. Then, place a ruler perpendicularly under your ear.

Short hair is likely to suit you if the distance between the pencil and ruler is less than 2. 5 inches.

What Face Shape Does Short Hair Suit?

Short hair tends to suit all face shapes, although each face shape has things to consider when going fast. Round faces, for example, can look rounder with the wrong shortcut, but some brief haircuts can look simply amazing.


Discovering if short hair will suit you is crucial before making the big chop. Instead of relying solely on gut feelings, there are simple tricks to help you decide. Understanding your face shape and unique characteristics when selecting a short haircut can make all the difference.

Remember to consider your hair texture and personal style preferences as well. By following these guidelines, you can confidently determine if short hair is a suitable choice for you. Don’t hesitate to consult with a hairstylist for their expert advice.

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